Adam Tropics - Free Landscape Design

Three Landscape Design services offered:

100% Free Service

Most popular service offered.  Simply provide pictures or basic drawing sketch of your current home landscape.  Share with us your wish list, your budget, assessment of your soil conditions, and any special requirements.  Allow us to put together our recommendation options for type and size of palms, trees, shrubs, plants with placement design specifically for your home.  We take into consideration your existing hard and soft landscape, your specific area climate including micro climate, any possible root intrusion to your house foundation and pool.  We also do our best to keep the entire design within your budget.

Soil condition is a big factor to healthy rate of growth and overall condition of your soft landscape. If condition is poor, we may recommend solutions to improve your soil, otherwise we may select trees, palms, and plants that are more tolerant of poor soil conditions.  

You can send your images to us by email to, please indicate in email subject title: (Request - Free Landscape Design - Your last name).   Or simply hand them to us at one of our participating Farmer Market nearest you. 

Nominal Fee Service - Credited back.

If you require us to come to your home to perform on-site visit / design, Adam Tropics will send a qualified representative to your site for a nominal fee of $195 / hour from our location. This fee is credited back to you at time of order placement (min. $2500 order).

Please email, title subject (Request - Onsite design - Your last name).

Complete Soft and Hard Landscape design Plans

Adam Tropics has put together collaboration with talented architects and landscape engineers capable to design projects for home owners, as well as commercial sites such as hotels, resorts, malls, churches, and other commercial buildings.

Please email, title subject (request - complete landscape design - project name).