Fish Tail Palm - Box
If you have gone shopping in OC - South Coast Plaza, you must have seen these gorgeous tropical palms in the Atrium towering to .over 30 feet in height with lush green l...
Cycad Palms - Large
Excellent feature palm to bring interest and beauty to your garden. Slow growth, about 3 to 5 feet in height, evergreen with attractive shoots. ...
Red Feather Palm
An absolutely gorgeous Palm Tree with beautiful long arcing feather leaves. It can grow well both indoor or outdoor. It originates from the rain forests of New Caledonia,...
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Traveler's Palm - Box
Ravenala madagascariensis, commonly known as Traveler's tree or traveler's palm, from Madagascar. ...
Areca Palm
Sometime called "Butterfly Palm" - The soft, fine-textured fronds are full and dense. This makes it a favorite for privacy, accents and garden backdrops in many Southern ...
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Dioon Palm - Giant
This is the largest cycad, growing up to 50 ft tall in habitat, over centuries, about 5' to 12' high in most Southern California areas....
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Butia (Jelly) Palm - 20 gallons oversize
Bring a little part of South America into your landscape with the Butia Palm, also known as jelly palm as the dates it produces are delicious, great for jam and baking. ...
King Palm - Multi Trunk - Promo
Very attractive multi-Trunk palm, great in bright indoor spot, or plant outdoor in warm area. We provide well rooted palms with up to 8 trunks in a single pot or box. Sp...
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Selection Options
King Palm - 15 foot Single Trunk - 24
Very attractive tall Single-Trunk palm, great to line up a driveway or to incorporate with other tropical plants for that exotic tropical landscape design. We provide we...
Sugar Cane Palm - Tall
A colorful, clumping palm, originally from Madagascar. Featuring orange/red coloring at the base of new shoots, rising to golden, lime green crown shafts, and finely cut,...
Pygmy Date Palm - Multi Trunk - Box
Stunning feature Palm especially when you plant multi-trunk - perhaps 4 or 5 or even 6 trunks on a single plant. Will grow to 10 feet in height, possibly the only palm t...
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Cardboard Palm
Commonly known as cardboard palm or cardboard cycad. Other names include cardboard plant, and Jamaican sago. ...