Areca Palm
Sometime called "Butterfly Palm" - The soft, fine-textured fronds are full and dense. This makes it a favorite for privacy, accents and garden backdrops in many Southern ...
Tree Size
Bottle Palm - Oversize - Special Price
Special Price / Limited Time offer / Free installation included. Wonderful feature palm, exotic shape with few branches but long and graceful. The crown shaft (the area ...
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Butia (Jelly) Palm - 20 gallons oversize
Bring a little part of South America into your landscape with the Butia Palm, also known as jelly palm as the dates it produces are delicious, great for jam and baking. ...
Canary Palm - Large in oversize Box
Plant 2 as a way of featuring royal entrance to your home. Plant one as a center piece, or plant several throughout your gardens to give your landscape a grand tropical ...
Cardboard Palm
Commonly known as cardboard palm or cardboard cycad. Other names include cardboard plant, and Jamaican sago. ...
Cat Palm
Indoor plant offered in large 10" pot, will grow to 6 feet tall, or plant outdoor in warm spot. A small, attractive, trunkless, clumping palm, if planted outdoor, will g...
Christmas Palm - Box
Similar to a Royal Palm but smaller in size, will grow to only 20 feet high once fully mature. Called Christmas Palms because of the red fruits it produces around time o...
Coconut Queen Palm - Large
Coconut Queen palm is among the most beautiful; tropical-looking palms with large feathery fronds emerging atop an upright trunk. It is grown in both tropical and subtrop...
Cycad Palms - Large
Excellent feature palm to bring interest and beauty to your garden. Slow growth, about 3 to 5 feet in height, evergreen with attractive shoots. ...
Date Palm - Special Price Now
Originated from Iraq, this variety of date palm produces sweet edible fruit known for being the primary source of nutrition in daily diet for people in the Mediterranean ...
Tree Size
Dioon Palm - Giant
This is the largest cycad, growing up to 50 ft tall in habitat, over centuries, about 5' to 12' high in most Southern California areas....
European Fan Palm - Special Price
The European Fan Palm is one of the most versatile palm trees, can handle colder weather, no problem for Southern California homes located inland or in areas of higher el...
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