Cluster Bamboo - 20 Gallons

Perfect large size attractive bamboo, Larger than green bamboo, ideal for big size homes and estates.


Heavenly Bamboo - 15 Gallons to 24" Box

Stunning small size bamboo, very easy to grow and control, perhaps the best looking Bamboo! Producing color and...

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Lucky Bamboo in ceramic pot.

Common names include Sander's dracaena, ribbon dracaena, lucky bamboo, curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo. Lucky...


Bamboo - Bush - 20 Gallons

This is a runner bamboo, moderate size, perfect for screens and privacy.


Black Bamboo - Oversize

Rare bamboo, featuring beautiful dark color trunk, moderate growth and size, ideal as a feature plant, back drop plant,...


Green Bamboo - Oversize

Ideal near water features such as waterfalls and ponds. This is a smaller size bamboo with moderate width of 4 to 6...


Giant Bamboo - Oversize

Use this type of bamboo as a feature area within your landscape. It can be a screen, a separator between two areas,...

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Start a block Party in your Neighborhood with Adam Tropics
You invite your friends and neighbors, we bring the Show

GREAT way to meet friends in new Track homes. Read More


Kentia Palm

Stunning tropical palm with arching branches, multi-trunk.  Great indoor or outdoor palm, 24" box special offer now for only ...



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