Cordyline Fruticosa - Mixed Colors

Bring your landscape to a stunning tropical level with this colorful plant reaching as high as 10 feet. Featuring large leaves ranging in color from variegated pale pinks and greens to purple or deep red, we even offer a deep red / black color - see images. Native to the tropical climates of Hawaii and other Pacific islands. If you live too much inland or on colder climate such as Big Bear, simply bring indoor during winter time, return back in Spring.

Make sure plant has moist soil and partial shade to full sun. Bright light brings out the brightest colors in the foliage. We offer you several plants in oversize 10 gallons pots.  If you have a specific color of preference, let us know during checkout in the "comments for us" box, otherwise, let us surprise you!

4 oversize plants in 5 Gallon pots are offered. 

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