Succulent & Indoor Plants

Indoor Rubber Plant - Decorative Pot

Very charming and versatile house plant, The striking large glossy leaves are almost totally resistant to pests and...


Coffee - Arabica

Home coffee growing is now very popular. It was started by Coffee Connoisseurs looking for more flavor... then Health...


Calamondin Fruit Tree

Here is an attractive and very fragrant citrus tree that produces fruits almost all year round. Fruit is a cross...

Tree Size

PACHYRA BRAID in 6" Ceramic pot

Commonly called the money tree plant. In the wild, this tropical tree can reach 30 feet tall. As a houseplant, it...


Dracaena - Lemon Lime - Large

Broad leaves with bright green edges and a dark green mid band give this lovely indoor plant a vibrant colorful look....


Fern - Bird Nest - Large

This fern is native to rainforest, can be found growing high in the crooks of trees. They grow in a series of erect,...


Aglaonema Stripes - Large

Excellent indoor plant, very easy to care for it even in lower light conditions. Also known as Chinese evergreen...


Zamia Zamioculcas

Attractive stemless evergreen plant that typically grows to 3’ tall featuring compound leaves rising up from its...


Lyrata - Large

Commonly called the fiddle-leaf fig, is a perfect indoor plant, featuring very large, heavily veined, and violin-shaped...

Tree Size

Croton - Large

Crotons are houseplants featuring variegated leaves with shades of yellow, red, and green. They were originally found...


Dracaena - Hawaiian - Extra Large

This is an oversize plant in large pot. Broad leaves with multiple shades of green give this lovely indoor plant a...


Lucky Bamboo in ceramic pot.

Common names include Sander's dracaena, ribbon dracaena, lucky bamboo, curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo. Lucky...

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Kentia Palm

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