Tropical Shrub - Deliciosa

Beautify your tropical landscape with this exceptional variety, great in feature area, under flowering trees or against bamboo backdrop.
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Deliciosa is a climbing flowering plant that grows in tropical rain forests or other humid shady areas.  They grow up tall trees and send down mid-air roots to the ground where they take root. Also known as breadfruit or fruit salad plant. The fruits are edible but only when ripe (looks like a pealed banana) but be careful, unripe fruit is poisonous with symptoms of throat irritation, swelling and pain. Fruits tastes a bit like a mix of pineapple, banana and mango, or jack fruit, among others, giving it a nickname of the fruit salad plant. In some native countries, Deliciosa roots are used to make baskets and ropes, treating snakebites and along with the leaves, for treating arthritis.

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