Date Palm - 15 Gallons

Date palm produces sweet edible fruit known for being the primary source of nutrition in daily diet for people in the Mediterranean region. Offered in 3 or 15 Gallons Pots, use size selections to choose price and size.
Tree Size

Date Palms will provide not only beauty and elegance to your landscape, but it is estimated that mature palms will bring significant increase to value of your property.  If you are interested in fruits, you will need to plant at least one male palm with as many female palms you wish you have (ratio is one male with up to 100 female).  Let us know of your intention at time of ordering so that we can select at least one with your order.  Appearance of palms whether male or female is the same, except female will produce fruits, while male will produce fuzzy shoots that has powder like seeds, simply cut and shake it by the fruiting area of the female palm for pollination.  If your area is active with bees, they will also do the job for you (for better results, best to cut the shoots and shake / dust it to spread maximum powder on the female palm).








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