Hachia Persimmons - 15 Gallons Oversize

This is a dual function "Feature" tree while being a "fruiting" tree. Full size tree will grow to about 30 feet high, producing very attractive shiny leaves, and extra large fruits turning into red color around October / November time. As December approaches, the tree will drop its leaves yet full of bright orange / red color fruits. It is quite a pretty sight!

Once tree reaches maturity, will produce about $1000 of fruits value annually, each piece of fruit is about 1 to 2 pounds!  Great for fresh eating, but you "Must" wait until fruit is fully ripe, otherwise, you will certainly dislike it if eaten pre-maturely.  Also will make the most amazing Persimmons cookies - look up online for some recipes.

Oversize tree, offered in 15 gallon pots.







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